“Have you ever had whip cream spread all over your body and then had it licked off really slowly?” Nathan had the cutest wicked smile on his face as he teased me with a can of whip cream in his hand. I knew he was kinky but this was going to be wilder than I had imagined. I wiggled my eyebrows and said, “No, but I might be willing to try.” Nathan’s eyes were dancing at the thought of it. My heart was racing but I didn’t know if he would actually do it until he started squirting whip cream in concentric circles around my breasts. He finished my breasts off my squirting a little extra on each nipple. “Those are going to be delicious” he said smiling wide. Then he proceeded down my body spraying it evenly so it covered my whole body. The whip cream was cold and gave me a tingling feeling. When he got to my pussy, he said, “Now it’s time to make a pussy pie.” He sprayed the whipped cream all over my pubic hair and then spread me open with his fingers and squirted a large amount there. Then he paused and ran his finger over my clit through the whipped cream and then tasted it. “Delicious!! I’m going to save the pussy pie til last.” Then he proceeded down each of my legs and even sprayed some between each of my toes. “Ok, my little treat, are you ready?” This was the first time anyone had ever done anything like this to me so I was a little nervous but I was also extremely turned on. The anticipation was killing me. The thought of Nathan licking the whipped cream from my clit made my whole pussy quiver. Nathan started on my tits, rolling his tongue slowly around each one until he reached the nipple. Then he sucked on my nipples for a long time, swirling his tongue around each of them “french kissing” them. “You taste so good baby” lifting his head up at one point. The nervousness had worn off at this point and I was really started to relax. My pussy was fully stimulated and I couldn’t wait til he got to it. The anticipation was enough to put me on the verge of an orgasm. Nathan worked his way down my body kissing and licking the whip cream from my naked skin. It tickled a little and Nathan teased me a little. Nathan swirled his tongue around my belly button. His eyes were closed about half the time but when he opened them, I could see he loved licking my body. It was so sensual. When he got to my pubic hair, he kissed it several times and looked up at me while he licked the whip cream from his lips with his tongue. “The pussy pie tastes better than anything. I’m going to lick the pan clean.” He continued down my body, skipping my pussy for now. He licked my right leg, lingering the longest on my inner thigh. My pussy really started to juice up at this point. He sucked on each of my toes and then proceeded up my left leg. As he made his way to the inner thigh of my left leg, goosebumps formed down my body. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he was licking my pussy. We had been at this for over an hour and I’m not sure I could have waited much longer. When Nathan got to my pussy, he first licked the whip cream from the lips of my pussy without pulling them apart. He munched down on my pussy hair and then slowly inserted his tongue from the top of my pussy down over my clit gently wiggling his tongue as he slowly licked down. Then he started from my vagina and worked his way back up. My clit had been set to go off for a long time and this is all it took to have my first orgasm which was the kind of orgasm that starts with an intense contraction and then goes into a series of little contractions each one making every muscle in my body contract. Nathan enjoyed seeing me get off. “So my baby likes having her pussy eaten,” Nathan said with a smile. “We’ll have to do this more often.” And with that he buried his face in my pussy and began licking fiercely up and down my clit and all around the lips of my pussy. No man had ever given me such good cunnilingus. I was in heaven and all I could think about was I never wanted this sensation to end….and Nathan was like the energizer bunny…he just kept going and going and going….lucky for me 😉

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